7 april, 2017

For athletes

Information from technical meeting (2017.08.18)

The information below outperforms corresponding information in Team Manual.

  • The organizers and the Swedish Athletics Federation have examined the possibilities to arrange live streaming with short notice. Unfortunately, we could not find a solution that supplies a broadcast with enough high quality. Therefore, there will be no web broadcast from this event.
  • The jury panel consists of:
    • Henrik Ragnvaldsson, Sweden (Chairman)
    • Jo Nesse, Norway
    • Anette Jensen, Denmark
  • Lane 3-7 will be used for relay. Denmark/Iceland team will be represented accordingly to this list:
    • 4 x 100 Men = Denmark
    • 4 x 400 Men = Denmark
    • 4 x 100 Women = Iceland
    • 4 x 400 Women = Denmark
  • Calling time for pole vault and high jump is pro-longed with 10 minutes to give longer warm-up time. This is the new calling deadlines:
    • Pole vault: 70 min before start
    • High jump: 55 min before start
  • Registration for extra race(s) must be provided no later than Saturday (2017.08.19) 11 AM to TIC.
  • Registration forms for relay team can be collected at TIC.
  • Valid bar progression in high jump and pole vault is:
    • High Jump, Women: 155-160-165-170-173-176-179-181 +2 cm
    • Pole Vault, Women: 320-335-350-360-370-380-390-400-410-415-420 +5 cm
    • High Jump, Men: 180-185-190-193-196-199-201 +2 cm
    • Pole Vault, Men: 420-435-450-460-470-480-490-500-505-510 +5 cm
  • The official will give the athlete a verbal notification when 1 minute remain of the attempt time. This applies in e.g. high jump when only one competitior is still jumping.

Team Manual
Important information for all athletes can be found in the team manual. 

Click here to view the track records!

Accommodation and meals

All participants will stay at the Hotel Scandic Syd in double or single rooms. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel and conference rooms can be arranged for e.g. team meetings.

Lunch will be served at the restaurant Hansson & Hammar, in the same building as the changing rooms, next to the arena.

All meals include dairy and gluten free alternatives. Please inform the organizers as soon as possible if you have any other special dietary requirements.
Lunch menu
Pasta served with meat sauce
Kebab stew served with rice and yoghurt sauce
Falafel served with rice & yoghurt sauce

Breaded fish served with remoulad sauce & potatoes
Mexican meat sauce served with rice & nachochips
Vegetarian tortellini broth

Travelling to Umeå

Umeå has flight connections frequently from Stockholm (ARN and BMA). Umeå airport (UME) is located 4 km outside the city center. There is a daily ferry from Finland (Vaasa, Wasaline) to Umeå.
The competition arena

The competition arena, Campus Friidrottsarena is located at 63° 49’ 15,5” N (=63,82097 N), 20° 19’ 09,3” E (=20,31925 E). Click here to view the arena on the maps. Click here to view the track records!

Below you see images from the Swedish National Championships arranged in Umeå 2014.






Throwing equipment provided by LOC

Please visit manufacturer website for more information.


Nordic Super Spin brass 1 kg 2
Nordic Super Spin steel 1 kg 3
Nordic Discus Master brass 1,75 kg 2
Nordic Viking Glassfiber steel 1,75 kg 1

Shot put
Nordic, stainless steel 4kg 103 mm 1
Nordic, steel 4 kg 109 mm 2
Nordic, stainless steel 6 kg 119 mm 2
Nordic, brass 6 kg 106 mm 1

Nordic, brass 4 kg 95 mm head 970 mm string, Eco Grip alu handle 2
Nordic,stainless steel 4 kg 95 mm head 970 mm string, Eco Grip alu handle 4
Nordic, brass 6 kg 105 mm head 990 mm string, Eco Grip alu handle 2
Nordic, stainless steel 6 kg 110 mm head 990 mm string, Eco Grip alu handle 1

Nordic, Champion Carbon flex 4.8 800 g 1
Nordic, Champion Steel flex 6.4 800 g 1
Nordic, Orbit Carbon flex 5.0 800 g 1
Nordic, Orbit Steel flex 6.6 800 g 1
Nordic, Airglider Steel flex 6.1 800 g 1
Nordic, Super Elite 800 flex 6.8 800 g 1
Nordic, Diana Carbon flex 5.3 600 g 1
Nordic, Olympia Carbon flex 5.9 600 g 1
Nordic Indra Steel flex 6.0 600 g 1
Nordic, Diana Steel flex 6.2 600 g 1
Nordic Xena Steel flex 6.5 600 g 1
Nordic Diana Classic flex 7.2 600 g 1