5 april, 2017

About the city of Umeå

With a population of 121 000, Umeå is the biggest city in the northern part of Sweden. Umeå is known as the young university city, with an average population age of 38 and 36 000 students.

As a university city with a young and creative population, Umeå bubbles with ideas and optimism for the future. One of the results of this has been that innovative companies in biomedicine, power and IT have established themselves here – something that has very much contributed to the feeling that Umeå is constantly developing. The university, the highly diverse economy and Norrland’s university hospital are just some of the reasons why people move here, enjoy it and stay.

Whether you are in the city’s centre or its outlying areas, there is a lot to discover in Umeå. Here, in northern Sweden’s largest city, you can combine shopping, good food and cultural experiences with adventures in magnificent countryside. Rushing rivers, sweeping beaches, rolling sea and mighty forests are always close at hand.

The sports club IFK Umeå

The local organizers, IFK Umeå, is a sports club from 1901 with 2 800 members in ten different sports. IFK Umeå has an impressive history, with both national and international successes throughout the years.

Athlete – and study in Umeå

Many of the students are in sports. Umeå offers national level track and field curricula for both secondary school and university grades. In Umeå everything is close, and you will notice that the distance between the airport, the hotel and the arena is not far. Read more about studying and practice sports at Umeå University.

Travelling to Umeå

By air, water, rail or bus, getting here is easy. Approximately a ten-minute car journey from the city centre, Umeå Airport is used by several airlines. Flying from Stockholm to Umeå takes less than an hour.

Images from Umeå and its surroundings